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We have chosen a selection of Scotland’s best drinks often from small independent producers. There is, of course, a focus on Malt Whisky but we also have a range of other great Scottish drinks including Gins, Vodkas, Rums, Liqueurs, Beers and Soft Drinks.

Premium Scottish Drinks

To complement our fantastic food we offer an extensive range of drink options.

Not sure which Gin to choose? Don’t know where to start with whisky? Don’t worry, we will be more than willing to guide you through the options and find you something to your taste.

All of our drink selection comes from Scottish producers, with the exception of our wine list as Scotland’s climate is not suitable for production so we have selected quality wines from around the world either, from vineyards that we have visited or winemakers who we have met over the years.

Scottish Malt Whisky

It’s an exciting time for the Scottish whisky industry with 140 different distilleries currently in production and many more either beginning to produce spirit or beginning construction.

With such a variety to choose our selection is ever evolving and changing but you will find in the region of 160 bottles to choose from.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry our team loves whisky and will be happy to guide you.

Whether it is a limited bottling from a classic well known distillery or a first release from one of the upstarts, we will make sure to find you something to enjoy.

Slàinte mhath!

Scottish Gin

It is not just whisky that Scotland produces. In recent years the explosion in craft distilled gin is being led by a number of Scottish distilleries with, over 70% of all UK gin now being distilled in Scotland.

The number of Scottish Gins on the market leaves us spoilt for choice and we regularly have around 50 for you to choose from so again we are confident you will find one that suits your taste buds.

To pair with the gins we exclusively use Walter Gregor Tonic Water which is produced by Summer House Drinks over in Aberdeenshire. They also make some fantastic real lemonades using 100% natural ingredients.

Scottish Rum

Rum & Scotland might not seem the obvious pairing but, Scotland has had an association with rum production dating far back when merchant ships docking in Scottish ports would trade sugar along with other commodities.

Modern Scottish rum production commenced in 2015 when Dark Matter opened their rum distillery in Aberdeenshire. Since their launch Rum production has grown significantly and is now the booming segment of distillation in Scotland.

Our ever evolving selection will broaden your horizons of the many different styles and categories now being produced in Scotland, whether neat over ice, with a mixer or as a base to a sublime cocktail.

Scottish Beer

No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you’re never far from a good local beer! even in Rannoch Station.

Our beer selection comes from Wasted Degrees Brewery in Blair Atholl, just along the road as well as Glen Spean Brewing based in Spean Bridge just 3 stops North on the train.

Their range is complemented by an ever-changing selection from small craft breweries across Scotland.

For those looking for a non-alcoholic beer we have both a Lager and Pale Ale from Days Brewing down in Edinburgh.

Wines and Bubbles

Scotland is not really known for its vineyards as the typical climate is not well suited to growing vines.

But don’t worry, Scott & Steph love traveling and sampling wines from all round the world.

We have developed a cellar containing some great wines from around the globe many of which come from vineyards we have visited on our many wine sampling tours. By meeting many of the wine producers first hand either at their own vineyards or during wine tastings here in Scotland, we have been able to select some great wines from each region. Some wines are familiar classic examples of a region or varietal, other wines are a little more obscure.

Our wine list contains around 100 bottlings, a variety of sparkling, still and dessert wines, therefore we are sure to find something suitable.

Do you do a wine pairing with dinner?
As we change our menu every day it is not possible to produce “wine flights” however we use the Coravin wine system which enables us to offer around 25 wines by the glass. This means that we can offer recommendations to match your meal or allow you to sample a variety if you can’t make up your mind!

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